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Available Grants for Nonprofits in California

Looking for available grants for nonprofits in California?

In this article, we are going to share some of the available grants opportunities for nonprofits in California. As a nonprofit, it is essential you have a fundraising plan. Your fundraising plan should have list of potential funders that your organization seeks to reach out for program support and other type of support. Foundations and Corporate organizations offer charitable support to nonprofits organizations whose missions align with theirs.



What is Grant?

Grant is a free money given to nonprofit or an individual to perform specific activities that will yield benefits or addresses a specific identified need in a specific location.

Types of Grants?

The 5 types of grants awarded by grant making organizations fall into the following;

  • Capital: This type of grant is used to fund building, equipment, renovation, construction projects.
  • General Operating: Grants used to offset the every day organization operation expenses.
  • Capacity: This type of grant is used to strengthen the organization performance, productivity and efficiency.
  • Program/ Project: Grants awarded to execute a particular project or program identified by the nonprofit.
  • Endowment: Grant that is to be invested in perpetuity so that the nonprofit can draw earnings from the fund to support its defined mission.

What are the List of Available Grants for Nonprofits in California?

We have hundreds of Foundations and Corporate organizations offering grants to nonprofits in California. Some of the available grants for nonprofits in California to access  include;

  1. George-Pacific Foundation: George-Pacific Foundation is one of the foundations in California providing charitable contributions to  nonprofit organizations that holds 501c3 status. They are committed to improving the quality of lives of the communities where they operate. They have supported several community based programs. Their four areas of funding priority include; Education, Environment, Enrichment and Entrepreneurship.

As a nonprofit organization in California working in any of the above four priority areas, you could access their funding criteria and grant application portal through this link

          2. California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)

They work to eliminate health care inequalities experienced by low income Californias. They are most concerned in delivery health care to the people of California.  Their mission is to ensure that people have access to the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.

Is your nonprofit organization priority area focused on health, you could check out their grant portal.

CHCF funds projects that are aligned with its strategic goals, have relevance to California health care as outlined in these goals, and generally have implications beyond a single institution.

3. California Wellness Foundation: is a grantmaking organization that partners with community organizations that promote wellness.

 California Wellness Foundation vision is that every person in California enjoys health and wellness. That implies living in a safe and healthy community, having access to quality education and good jobs, drinking clean water and having access to healthy foods.

They run  grantmaking program—Advancing Wellness which  support organizations that are increasing access to health care, advocating for quality education, fighting for good jobs with fair wages and benefits and safety.

To learn more about their grant making process, visit this link to access their available grant opportunities.

4. J.W. Couch Foundation: Through its charitable programs funds project focusing on 3 priority areas- preservation, education and wellness. The foundation mission is to spread good fortune in the world and empower the human spirit.

Are you a nonprofit focusing on either preservation, education or wellness service area, you can check out their grant program through this link .

5.DWIGHT STUART YOUTH FUND: Dwight Stuart Youth Fund (DSYF)  supports  organizations in Los Angeles County that provide direct services and experiences to underserved children and youth so they may gain values, skills, and confidence to achieve their potential. Visit Website:

Its priority areas for funding are; Education  Enrichment, School readiness, Mentoring, Leadership

To Apply click here:

Potential Donor Grants List for Nonprofits in California

Available Grants for Nonprofits in California

As a 501C3 nonprofit organization why spend so much on grant research, when you could have  a list of potential funders containing information and access to their grant openings, websites, grant amount they give, priority areas that they fund and their deadlines complied for you?

To really achieve your fundraising goal you need a list of potential funders that provide charitable contributions in the community that you serve.

A 100+ list of potential grant making organizations that award grants to nonprofit organization working in California has been compiled for you. The list contains 100 foundations and corporate organizations that are funding 501c3 nonprofit organizations in California.

You can’t effectively actualize your fundraising goal without a list of donors that award grants to  support similar programs like yours as a nonprofit. The essence of this list is to help you cut down cost on grant research and boost your productivity. It is a time saver and cost effective containing list of  funders that have been giving out hundreds to millions of dollars for different types of programs and projects in California. Whether you are a small, medium or large sized nonprofit organization, this list is an effective toolkit for your fundraising.  To access this list kindly visit this link and begin to channel your time and energy on reaching out to these grant making organizations.

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