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Delaware Grants for Nonprofits

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Delaware Grants for Nonprofits are listed below;

1.Delaware Community Foundation

The Delaware Community Foundation manages charitable funds for individuals, families, businesses and organizations, and distributes income from the funds as grants to humanitarian, educational, health and cultural entities throughout the First State.

2.Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation

Citizens Financial Group, Inc., through its banking subsidiaries, is guided by the belief that the strength of our company is tied to the strength of the communities where we do business. Today, our banks support numerous organizations through community and public relations departments and our charitable foundations.

3.Delaware Division of the Arts

The Division of the Arts is dedicated to nurturing and supporting the arts to enhance the quality of life for all Delawareans. In addition to providing funding for arts programming, the Division supports the integration of the arts into community life and serves as a resource for arts information statewide

4.Dollar General Literacy Foundation

Dollar General supports programs that improve the quality of life for individuals in the communities where we live and do business. Areas of funding interest include Adult Literacy, Back to School Grants, Family Literacy, School Library Relief, Youth Literacy.

5,Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation

The purpose of the Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation is to improve cardiovascular health. Grants support programs and services that educate primary care practitioners and community members and promote cardiovascular health. Grants are made to medical schools, hospitals and other nonprofit health organizations.                                                                                  

6.Advanta Foundation

Advanta’s business focus is on helping small businesses and business professionals get the credit they deserve and the financing they need to thrive and grow. True success also includes helping the community to thrive and grow. It means feeding the community’s roots through urban renewal and affordable housing projects, watering its spirit with support for the arts, and strengthening the body through health and human services initiatives as well…

7.AstraZeneca Community Support

AstraZeneca contribute to more than 140 nonprofit organizations focused on health, disability, seniors, science and math education, families, women and children, youth development, community services and the arts.

8.Bank of America Client Foundation – Sarasota, FL & Delaware

In 1961, Sarasota, Florida, Bank and Trust Company (now Bank of America) formed the Bank of America Client Foundation to support charitable endeavors in the local area. The Foundation is set up with funds from several donors with varying interests. The Foundation typically makes grants to local Sarasota organizations with a successful track record. Support is given to arts, community, natural science, historic preservation, education, and human service .

9.BJ’s Charitable Foundation

BJ™s Charitable Foundation was established with the goal of creating a positive, long–lasting impact on the communities BJ™s serves, the mission of BJ™s Charitable Foundation is to enhance and enrich community programs that primarily benefit children and families. Since its first grant in 2005, BJ™s

10.Carl M. Freeman Foundation – MD, DE, WV, Wash DC

The Carl M. Freeman Foundation has historically emphasized our support in the communities where we live and work “ including Montgomery County, Maryland; Sussex County, Delaware; and the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

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