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Ohio Grants for Individuals

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Ohio is renowned for its support to individuals through various grant programs. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a veteran, or someone in need of medical assistance, Ohio offers a multitude of grant opportunities. In this guide, we will explore several types of grants available in Ohio, how to apply, and where to find them.

 Educational Grants as One of Ohio Grants for Individuals

1. Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG): Aimed at providing financial aid to students with financial need, OCOG supports thousands of Ohio students in pursuing higher education.

2. Choose Ohio First Scholarship: A grant designed to promote STEM fields, encouraging students to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.

 Business Grants

3. Ohio Third Frontier Program: Entrepreneurs can access this program, which supports technology-based companies.

4. Minority Business Direct Loan Program: This program offers loans and grants to minority business enterprises.

 Health and Human Services Grants

5. Ohio Children’s Trust Fund: This grant assists organizations working to prevent child abuse and neglect.

6. Ohio Drug and Alcohol Program Grants: Various grants are available to support organizations fighting drug and alcohol addiction.

 Veterans’ Grants Include Ohio Grants for Individuals

7. Ohio Veterans Bonus Program: Veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts can avail themselves of bonuses through this program.

8. Military Injury Relief Fund (MIRF): Offers financial assistance to military service members injured in combat.

 Energy Grants

9. Ohio Energy Grants for Renewable Energy: Several grants support renewable energy initiatives, including solar and wind projects.

10. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Grants: These grants support projects that promote energy conservation and efficiency.

Housing Grants

11. Ohio Housing Trust Fund: Aids low-income families in securing affordable housing.

12. Emergency Home Repair Program: Assists low-income households with urgent home repairs.

Additional Resources

There are many local agencies and non-profit organizations offering grants to Ohio residents. Some notable resources include:

  • Ohio Development Services Agency: A vital resource for business grants and loans.
  • Ohio Department of Higher Education: The hub for information about college grants and scholarships.
  • Ohio Department of Health:** Provides information about healthcare-related grants.


Ohio’s grants for individuals span across various sectors including education, business, health, veterans’ affairs, energy, and housing. The application process for these grants can vary significantly, so it is vital to consult the respective agency or organization’s website for detailed information. By leveraging these grant opportunities, Ohio residents can find support for their unique needs and contribute to the growth and welfare of the state.




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