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Youth Hockey Grants

Youth Hockey Grants

Youth hockey grants play a vital role in ensuring that the sport is accessible to a wide audience. Youth hockey is more than a sport. It’s a thriving community that fosters teamwork, discipline, physical fitness, and passion. However, the costs associated with equipment, ice time, travel, and coaching can be a barrier for many families and organizations.

Thankfully, a wide variety of youth hockey grants are available to support budding athletes and organizations.

This in-depth guide will explore several high-ranking options, offering practical examples and insights.

 Types of Grants

1.Equipment Grants

Example: NHLPA Goals & Dreams Fund
This program has provided equipment to over 70,000 children in 34 countries. By partnering with the NHL Players’ Association, it aims to help underprivileged children experience the joy of hockey.

 2. Facility Grants

Example: USA Hockey Foundation Rink Grant
Supporting community rinks in improving facilities to enhance the youth hockey experience.

 3. Travel Grants

Example: The Youth Hockey Travel Grant Program
– Created to assist youth hockey teams with travel expenses, it ensures that more kids can participate in out-of-town tournaments.

4. Educational Grants

Example: The Positive Coaching Alliance Scholarships
Targeted at student-athletes, it offers educational scholarships to those who excel in academics and hockey.

 5. Community Outreach Grants

Example: The Hockey is for Everyone Grant (HIFE)
– Aiming to make hockey accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, or abilities.

How to Apply for Youth Hockey Grants

1. Research Thoroughly
– Utilize online resources, including websites like GrantWatch or the USA Hockey Foundation, to discover various grant opportunities.

2. Understand Eligibility
– Each grant has unique eligibility criteria. Ensure your team, player, or organization meets the specific requirements.

3. Prepare a Compelling Application
– Provide comprehensive details about the need, goals, and how the grant will benefit the youth hockey community.

4. Provide Supporting Documents
– Include financial statements, letters of recommendation, and any necessary evidence to support your application.

5. Follow Up
– Monitor the application status, and be prepared to provide additional information if required.


Youth hockey grants play a vital role in ensuring that the sport is accessible to a wide audience. By understanding the types of grants available, from equipment to travel support, and following a structured application process, aspiring hockey players can gain much-needed assistance.

Embracing resources like the NHLPA Goals & Dreams Fund, USA Hockey Foundation Rink Grant, and others, the youth hockey community can continue to grow and thrive. Whether you’re a coach, parent, or player, these grants provide tangible opportunities to pursue a love of hockey.

Remember, it’s not just about financial support. It’s about fostering a community, promoting inclusion, and creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy the thrilling game of hockey.


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