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Capacity Building Grants for Nonprofits

Nonprofit capacity building grants

Seeking for Capacity building grants for your nonprofits? In this article you will discover foundations that are offering capacity building grants to nonprofits in United States.

According to the Council of Nonprofits, capacity building is “an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of a nonprofit.” It is the strategic planning and implementation of operational and organizational structures and long-term goals.

Therefore, capacity development grants concentrate on the internal operations of an organization rather than the activities that a nonprofit engages in on the outside. A grant for capacity building recognizes the need for efficient administration within charities and offers cash to enhance operational and administrative procedures.

The benefits of capacity building investments in Nonprofits  include:

Grants for developing capacity are beneficial because they give nonprofit organizations the means to allocate funds to the creation of internal processes, which is essential to the success of their activities. Grant money for capacity building supports initiatives to creatively increase organizational effectiveness, offer general operating assistance, contract with outside learning providers, create communities of best practice, and collaborate.

The areas in which nonprofit organizations most commonly need help are:

  • Governance and Board
  • Fundraising
  • Evaluation
  • General management
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial planning/accounting
  • Development of performance measures
  • Staff/management training
  • database/client relationship marketing system (CRM) establishment and management
  • Human resource management
  • Grant proposal writing
  • media relations and publicity
  • Branding and Marketing

Foundations offering Capacity Building Grants to Nonprofits

capacity building grants for nonprofits

  1. The Getty Foundation

Fulfills the philanthropic mission of the Getty Trust by supporting  individuals and institutions committed to advancing greater understanding and preservation of visual arts in Los Angeles and throughout the world. In all of its projects, we work with local partners in order to build the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed locally to ensure the project outcome’s long-term sustainability.

Website: https://www.getty.edu/conservation/about/field_projects/overview.html

Geographic Area:  Los Angeles

  1. Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles

Its Next Stage Grants are capacity building grants, designed to support a dynamic and thriving Los Angeles Jewish community by strengthening the internal and operational capacity of local Jewish nonprofits.

The Foundation encourages applicants to develop a strategy team of invested stakeholders, including senior leadership, staff, and board, who would participate in executing proposed capacity building plans.

Website: https://www.jewishfoundationla.org/next-stage-grants/

Geographic Area: Southern California

  1. Liberty Hill Foundation

Makes grants to grassroots groups in Los Angeles County that promote social and racial equality, environmental sustainability, economic justice and shared social responsibility; provides training and technical assistance to organizations to increase their ability to transform communities.

Website: https://www.libertyhill.org

Geographic Area: Los Angeles

  1. Los Angeles United Methodist Urban Foundation

Works to build the capacity of grassroots faith-based and community organizations to effectively meet the needs of urban neighborhoods; strengthen community  organizations through grantmaking, training and coaching, and community research.

Website: https://www.urbanfoundation.org/programs

Geographic Area: Los Angeles

  1. The Riordan Foundation

To help local nonprofit staff, board members, and volunteers better achieve their missions, the Foundation offers free workshops and learning opportunities.

Website: https://rifoundation.org/community-investments/capacity-building-for-nonprofits

Geographic Area: Los Angeles County

  1. UniHealth Foundation:

Investing in the strengthening of healthcare organizations means investing in the strengthening in the healthcare field writ large

Website: https://unihealthfoundation.org/how-to-apply/eligible-applicants/

Geographic Areas: Los Angeles and Orange counties

  1. Marillac Mission Fund

Through its Organizational Capacity Building Grant Program, its provides support for improvements in key organizational functions for nonprofits.

Website: https://marillacmissionfund.org/

Geographic Area: The Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area

  1. The Winston-Salem Foundation

The Foundation makes capacity-building grants for activities and projects that will help Forsyth County nonprofits enhance their internal operations to better fulfill their missions and achieve more impactful outcomes.

Website: https://www.wsfoundation.org/

Geographic Area: Forsyth  County

  1. Webber Family Foundation

For Texas nonprofits, the Webber Family Foundation has a mission with their capacity-building grants of helping lower-income youth perform at the highest levels of achievement in academics and the arts. There are currently three areas of focus: school readiness/early literacy, out-of-school time programs for grades 6-12, and Charter schools.

Website: https://www.webberfoundation.org/

Geographic Area: Texas

  1. Grunin Foundation

A new addition to our list, the Grunin Foundation has a passion to equip nonprofits and nonprofit leaders with the tools, knowledge, and support to accelerate their impact. We love the Six “C”s they use: Curiosity, Conversation, Collaboration, Community, Compassion, Capacity.

Website: https://gruninfoundation.org/

Geographic Area: Central Jersey Shore

  1. The Clowes Fund

Grants provide funding that strengthens an organization to better fulfill its mission.

Website: https://www.clowesfund.org/s/Clowes-Fund-Guidelines-2021-2022-yp4e.pdf

Geograhic Areas: Counties in Massachusetts: Essex County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Worcester County

To  access over 50+ Foundation offering  capacity building grants, click here.


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