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Mental Health Grants for Nonprofits in United States

Mental Health Grants

Mental Health Grants have been compiled for nonprofit organizations working in United States. It contains over 100+ Foundations and Corporate organizations that are funding mental health programs. If you are a nonprofit whose thematic area is on Mental health this list of donor prospects  is for you. To order for the complete list of mental health grants, check here.

Mental health grant opportunities have been made handy for your nonprofit to access.

What is Mental Health and why it’s important?

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all parts of our mental health. It influences our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Additionally, it influences how we respond to stress, interact with others, and make good decisions. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

Both physical and mental health are crucial aspects of overall health. For instance, depression raises the danger of many different physical health issues, especially chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. In a similar vein, having chronic illnesses raises your likelihood of developing mental disease.

Keep in mind that a person’s mental health can alter over time and depend on a variety of circumstances. A person’s mental health may be affected if the demands placed on them are greater than their capacity for coping and resources. For instance, someone may have poor mental health if they are working long hours, providing care for a relative, or going through finance.

The following are some of the foundations funding mental health programs and their links to their websites.

To access the full compiled 100+ mental health grants list, check here.

Mental Health Grants

1.Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation For Autism

Doug Flutie Impact People And Families Affected By Autism. Check it here.

2.  O,Neill Foundation

Our Mission Is To Partner With Nonprofits To Improve The Quality Of Life For Families And Communities, In Places Where ONeill Family Members Live. See the link to the mental health grant.

3. The Colorado Health Foundation

The Colorado Health Foundation Is Briging Health In Reach For All. Find link here.

4. Caring For Colorado Foundation

We Stand Together With Rural, Urban And Frontier Communities To Create Programs, Policies And Systems That Support The Goal That Every Child In Colorado Has  Access To Quality Health Services.

5. Connecticut Health Foundation

The Connecticut Health Foundation Is The State’s Largest Independent Health Philanthropy

6. Endowment For Health

The Endowment For Health Works To Improve The Health And Reduce The Burden Of Illness For The People Of New Hampshire, Especially The Vulnerable

7. California Healthcare Foundation

The California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) Is An Independent, Nonprofit Philanthropy That Focuses On Improving The Health.

8. The Meadows Foundation

The Meadows Foundation Is A Private Family Foundation Dedicated To Improving Life In Texas Through Collaborative Grantmaking And Programs.

Geographic Area: Texas

9.  Ittleson Foundation    

Ittleson’s Grantmaking  Revolves Around Eliminating Stigmas And Stereotypes Related To Mental Illness, Improving  Access To Mental Healthcare, And Preventative Mental Healthcare.

10. John Ben Snow Memorial Trust

The John Ben Snow Foundation & Memorial Trust Has Partnered With Local And Regional Non-Profits To Invest In Individuals, Shape Our Community.

11.Jesse W. Couch Charitable Foundation

The J.W. Couch Foundation Awards Grants To Organizations With A Shared Vision For Spreading Good Fortune In The World Through Preservation, And Wellness

12. Semnani Family Foundation Grants

The Semnani Family Foundation Gives Grants For Projects That Address Social Issues Such As Homelessness, Literacy, Hunger, Violence And Mental Issues

13. Michael  J. Connell Foundation Grants

The Michael JConnell Foundation Focuses On Cultural, Environmental, Educational And Medical Needs. Grants Are Made Only To Qualified Non-Profit Organizations

14. Major League Baseball (Health, Relationships And Community Grants)

The Initiative Will Focus On Three Distinct Areas: Supporting Programs That Build And Improve Mental Health Resiliency Among Vulnerable Populations

15. Aetna Foundation

We Focus Our Grant Making On Issues That Improve Health And The Health Care System And That Aim To Help Low-Income

16. The Annie E. Cassey Foundation

The Annie ECasey Foundation Is Developing A Brighter Future For Children And Youth At Risk Of Poor Educational, Economic, Social And Health Outcome.

17. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

The Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation Promotes Health Equity, Provides Medical Support, And Improves Health Outcomes For People Around The World

 18.The Commonwealth Fund

We Support Independent Research On Health Care Issues And Make Grants To Promote Better Access, Improved Quality, And Greater Efficiency In Health Care.

19. Elton John Aids Foundation

He Elton John AIDS Foundation Is A Global HIV Charity That Funds Frontline Partners To Prevent New Cases Of HIV, Fight Stigma And Provide Care For The Most

20. The Notah Begay Iii Foundation

To Ensure Native Children Achieve Their Full Potential By Advancing Cultures Of Native American Community Health

21. William T. Grant Foundation

The William TGrant Foundation Invests In High-Quality Research Focused On Reducing Inequality In Youth Outcomes And Improving The Use Of Research Evidence In

22.  W.K.Kellogg Foundation

WKKF Supports Children, Families, And Communities As They Strengthen And Create Conditions That Propel Vulnerable Children To Achieve Success As Individuals

23.  Maine Community Foundation

The Maine Community Foundation Works With Donors And Other Partners To Improve The Quality Of Life For All Maine People.

24. Point32 Health Foundation

Point32Health Foundation Funds Equity-Focused Solutions Related To Healthy Aging, Access To Healthy Food And Behavioral Health.

25. Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Massachusetts Foundation

The Mission Of The Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Massachusetts Foundation Is To Ensure Equitable Access To Health Care For All Those In The Commonwealth

26.  Rhode Island Foundation

The Rhode Island Foundation Is A Proactive Community And Philanthropic Leader Dedicated To Meeting The Needs Of The People Of Rhode Island.

27. The Vermont Community Foundation

The Community Foundation Family Is Made Up Of Hundreds Of Funds, Foundations, And Generous Donors Working Together With A Common Love Of Vermont.

28.  Partners For Health Foundation

Our Vision Is To Create Healthier Communities By Supporting And Advancing Good Health, Wellness Education, And Disease Prevention And Treatment. P Artners For Health Invests In Programs, Policies And Organizations That Lead To Healthy Communities And Increased Opportunities To Thrive

29.  The Community Foundation Of New Jersey

The Community Foundation Of New Jersey Creates And Scales Custom Solutions For Purpose-Driven Individuals, Families, And Businesses.

30. Altman Foundation

Altman Foundation Mission Is To Support Programs And Institutions That Enrich The Quality Of Life In New York City,


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