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 Georgia Grants

Unrestricted Grants for Nonprofits

Georgia Grants are available for individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses and Individuals to enable them champion development and impact for the good of the state.

In the Peach State, numerous grants are available for individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, and more. Georgia, known for its rich culture, vibrant economy, and community-driven initiatives, offers an assortment of funding opportunities to empower and uplift its residents.

This comprehensive guide outlines 20 of them,  providing practical examples to ensure your journey towards securing financial assistance is a successful one.

1. Georgia Research Alliance Grants

Partners with universities, businesses, and state government to foster innovation and drive economic growth.

Their funding programs include the Eminent Scholars Program, GRA Ventures Program, and University-Industry Partnership Grants.

For instance, the Eminent Scholars Program has, in the past, attracted world-class talent to Georgia’s universities to lead ground-breaking research projects.

2. Georgia Council for the Arts Grants

Support arts organizations and projects throughout the state, nurturing Georgia’s creative culture. The Project, Partner, and Vibrant Communities grants are a few examples.

The Vibrant Communities Grant, for instance, funds arts initiatives in rural areas and small towns, thus, promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity.

3. Georgia Humanities Grants 

The Georgia Humanities supports initiatives that promote understanding and appreciation of the humanities. Their Major and Mini-Grants fund innovative community projects, such as the Augusta Canal’s historic interpretation program.

4. Georgia Environmental Protection Division Grants

The EPD offers several grants for environmental projects, including the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the Recreational Trails Grants, and the Scrap Tire Abatement Reimbursement (STAR) Program.

The STAR Program, for example, offers reimbursement to individuals and organizations that contribute to the recycling and proper disposal of scrap tires.

5. Georgia Department of Education 

The Georgia Department of Education offers numerous grants for schools and educational programs. The Quality Basic Education (QBE) grants and the Innovative Program grants support a wide range of school-based initiatives to enhance student learning.

6. Georgia Department of Agriculture

The Georgia Department of Agriculture offers various grants to aid farmers and agricultural initiatives. These include the Specialty Crop Block Grant, Georgia Grown, and Young Farmer Grants.

The Young Farmer Grants support individuals under 35 years old to start their farming endeavors, thus fostering a new generation of agricultural leaders.

7. Georgia Department of Community Affairs Grants

The DCA offers funding for various community development projects. The Community HOME Investment Program (CHIP), Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and the Homelessness Prevention Grants are a few examples. The CDBG, for instance, provides financial assistance for projects that benefit low- and moderate-income residents, such as affordable housing and public infrastructure development.

8. Georgia Power Foundation Grants Opportunity

The Georgia Power Foundation offers grants that support community development, arts & culture, education, and environmental stewardship. It funded the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, contributing to the creation of a sustainable redevelopment on the Atlanta BeltLine.

9. Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Grants

This foundation provides grants for non-profit organizations in the metro Atlanta area. It has various grant programs, including the Nonprofit Toolbox, General Operating Support, and Community Impact Grants. The Nonprofit Toolbox provides resources and technical assistance to nonprofits for capacity building.

10. Georgia Sports Grants Program

Assist sports organizations in the state. This could range from grants for building new facilities, equipment for youth programs, and even hosting major sporting events.

11. United Way of Greater Atlanta Grants Opportunity

United Way of Greater Atlanta provides funding to community-based organizations addressing health, education, and economic stability. Their Child Well-Being Impact Fund, for instance, supports programs that improve children’s quality of life.

12. The Goizueta Foundation Grants

The Goizueta Foundation, established by Roberto C. Goizueta, the late CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, provides grants for educational and humanitarian causes in metro Atlanta. Past grantees include the Atlanta Music Project and the Latin American Association.

13. Georgia Historical Records Advisory Council Grants

These grants support historical records preservation and access projects. Their various programs like Documenting Democracy and the Historical Records Grant program, help preserve Georgia’s rich historical legacy.

14. Georgia Student Finance Commission Grants  Program

The Georgia Student Finance Commission offers grants for higher education. Programs include the HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, and Student Access Loan. The HOPE Scholarship, for instance, has been a cornerstone in providing financial assistance to Georgia students pursuing undergraduate degrees.

15. Atlanta Women’s Foundation Grants Opportunity

The Atlanta Women’s Foundation provides funding for organizations that support women and girls, with a focus on those experiencing poverty. Its annual grant cycle has funded initiatives like Cool Girls, Inc., which empowers Atlanta-area girls to break cycles of poverty.

16. Georgia Department of Public Health Grants Program

These grants support a range of health initiatives across Georgia. Grant programs include the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant and the State Opioid Response Grant, aimed at improving public health outcomes.

17. Georgia Department of Natural Resources Grants program

These grants aim to conserve Georgia’s natural and cultural resources. Grant programs include the Historic Preservation Fund, Recreational Trails Program, and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

18. Georgia Transit Association Grants Opportunity

These grants fund transportation projects across Georgia. Their programs like the Urbanized Area Formula Grants and Rural Area Formula Grants help to expand transportation access for Georgia’s residents.

19. Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency Grants

This agency provides grants for emergency preparedness and response initiatives, such as the Homeland Security Grant Program and the Emergency Management Performance Grant.

20. Georgia State Trade Expansion Program (GSTEP) Grant Opportunity

GSTEP grants, offered by the Georgia Department of Economic Development, support small businesses looking to expand into global markets. These can cover expenses like international business travel and trade show exhibitions.

While this guide provides a comprehensive overview of these grants, it’s crucial to remember that each grant program has its own unique eligibility requirements and application process.

Therefore, carefully read all the guidelines provided by each grantor and consider seeking advice from grant writing professionals or financial advisors to increase your chances of a successful application.

With this guide in hand, you’re well on your way to exploring the wealth of financial resources available in the state of Georgia.

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