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Grants Available for Nonprofits in Ohio

There are several grants available for nonprofits in Ohio. Grants help nonprofits to fulfill their mission, increase impact and widen their reach. Having a list of potential funders is key in your fundraising plan. Funders provide monetary support for programs and projects of strong interest to them.

The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports that in  2008, foundations awarded $45.6 billion. Of the amount, 72 percent was awarded by Independent Foundations, 10 percent by Community Foundations and 10 percent by Corporate Foundations.

Many observers, including NPQ, were concerned that donor funding may decline during the pandemic-induced economic closure, as it did during the Great Recession. Most significantly, foundation donations increased by 15.6% from $76.61 billion in 2019 to $88.55 billion in 2020. Over half of the $22.78 billion increase in giving—or $11.94 billion more—is represented by this. The total for 2019 was $448.66 billion.

Grants Available for Nonprofits  in Ohio include;

1. John P. Murphy Foundation Grants for Nonprofits in Ohio

John P. Murphy, an attorney and businessman, and his wife Gladys T. Murphy founded the John P. Murphy Foundation in 1960 with the intention of providing grants for “charitable, educational, scientific, literary, and religious objectives” in the Greater Cleveland region.

The foundation provide support to Northeast Ohio’s communities, higher education, and arts and culture. The John P. Murphy Foundation has given out almost $57.0 million in awards during the last 20 years.  To learn more about their grantmaking, click here. 

2. Joyce Foundation Grants for Nonprofits in Ohio

A private, independent foundation called The Joyce Foundation makes investments in public policies and programmes to promote racial justice and economic mobility for the coming generation in the Great Lakes region.

In six programme areas—Culture, Democracy, Education & Economic Mobility, Environment, Gun Violence Prevention & Justice Reform, and Journalism—we support policy research, development, and advocacy. We prioritize Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin when providing grants.

Our strategic grant-making priorities, which aim to improve outcomes for all young people with a focus on young people of color who disproportionately face structural barriers to social and economic progress, are a reflection of the Foundation’s commitment to racial equity and economic mobility. To apply for their grants, check here. 

3. Levin Family Foundation Grants

Grant funding from the Levin Family Foundation is only available to entities that fall within the IRS Code Section 501(c)(3definition )’s of tax-exempt organizations. The Foundation provides funding for initiatives that complement its objectives.

The Levin Family Foundation supports organizations in Dayton and the surrounding areas that help those in need by providing food, clothing, education, and health-related assistance. More about their grant program.

4. Maimi Community Foundation Grants

The Miami Foundation is committed to making Miami stronger for all time. We have contributed more than $400 million to our community over the past 50 years, and we currently hold more than $350 million in assets geared toward enhancing Greater Miami.

We have collaborated with people, families, and businesses to establish more than 1,000 unique philanthropic Funds.

Their contributions have made it possible for the Foundation to distribute $350 million in grants. We currently oversee close to $350 million to meet the community’s immediate needs and prepare for a more resilient future. We’ve put a lot of effort into learning about Greater Miami and what makes this particular neighborhood tick. We’ve discovered that every Miamian has the desire to make their city a better place to live. The Miami Foundation ties this passion to initiatives to improve everyone’s quality of life in Miami through: civic leadership, community investment, and philanthropy.  Apply for their grant program.

5. Marietta Community  Foundation Grants:

Our partners in enhancing the standard of living in Washington County, Ohio are nonprofit organisations. Through two annual grant rounds, we help NGOs carry out their missions and respond to pressing needs in our community by providing support. Requests for grants from nonprofits that assist residents of Washington County and the surrounding areas are accepted.

6. Stranahan Foundation Grants:

The Stranahan Foundation is currently welcome its sixth generation of leaders and is still family-run. The Foundation empowers family members to act as “community stewards” by developing grantmaking relationships with nonprofits addressing community-based needs within the Foundation’s five focus areas, in addition to a national funding programme intended to increase access to high-quality early childhood teaching and learning. Environmental Sustainability, Education, Arts & Culture, Physical & Mental Health, and Human Services. Learn more about their grant program.

7. Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley:

Our mission is to enhance the vibrancy of the Upper Ohio Valley through meaningful charitable actions, strategic and initiative-driven investments, and thoughtful community leadership.

The Foundation, one of the biggest regional groups funding nonprofits in the Upper Ohio Valley, has assets worth more than $55 million.

The Foundation has given millions of dollars to regional organizations seeking to improve local conditions since 1972.

The Foundation offers support to groups that operate in the fields of the arts, humanitarian needs, community development, education, health, and other areas.

The Foundation offers numerous means to accomplish charity objectives, works closely with local contributors to assist them in managing their charitable contributions, and educational purposes. To apply, click here.

8. Cleveland Foundation Grants:

The Cleveland Foundation’s mission is to enhance the lives of all residents of Greater Cleveland, now and for generations to come, by working together with our donors to build community endowment, address needs through grantmaking, and provide leadership on key community issues.

Their areas of priority include Arts & Culture, Economic & Workforce Development, Education, Environment, Leadership development, Youth development, Health and Social services and others. Apply here.

9. Athens Foundation:

The Athens County Foundation invests in local strategies to empower Athens County residents and build on the strengths of our region now and for generations to come.

The Athens County Foundation assists regional nonprofits that offer services to Athens County’s neighborhoods. Our funding priorities support a variety of activities, including those that promote community prosperity, economic vitality, and individual health and wellness. Learn more about their grants program.

10.Bruening Foundation:

We invest in efforts to improve overall quality of life by empowering economically disadvantaged individuals to navigate through life with dignity and to gain greater personal and economic security and self sufficiency. Our grantmaking priorities reflect an interest in helping families out of poverty through improved education, access to long-term benefits and connections to employment.

With the knowledge that the advantages of social and educational interventions are greatest in the youngest years, we fund initiatives geared toward young children.


11. Burton D. Morgan Foundation:

Burton D. Morgan Foundation champions the entrepreneurial spirit, contributes to a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, and serves as a leader in the field of entrepreneurship education. The Foundation’s mission fosters free enterprise through grantmaking, ecosystem building, and knowledge sharing.  These efforts are built around the three priority areas of Youth Entrepreneurship, Collegiate Entrepreneurship, and Adult Entrepreneurship.

Introducing the List of Potential Donors in Ohio

Why spend so much time and money on grant research as a 501C3 nonprofit organization when you could have a list of potential funders prepared for you that includes details about their grant openings, websites, grant amounts, priority funding areas, and deadlines?

You need a list of possible funders who make charitable donations in the community you serve if you want to truly meet your fundraising goal.

You have access to a list of  potential grant-making organizations that provide funding to nonprofit organizations operating in Ohio. The list contains 100 foundations and corporate organizations that are funding 501c3 nonprofit organizations in Ohio.

You can’t effectively actualize your fundraising goal without a list of donors that award grants to support similar programmes.

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