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Grants for Nonprofits in Texas

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Grants for nonprofits  in Texas are announced on several grant making organizations  websites.  These grant making organizations consists of government Grants, Foundation and Corporate Grants.

This article focuses on Foundation and Corporate  organizations that award grants to  nonprofits based specifically in Texas. These grants are the funds they need to actualize their missions and impact their communities. No nonprofits survive without funding support. Without support, how would a nonprofit actualize its purpose.

Some Foundations award these grants for specific  purposes e.g the grant could be as a seed capital, for renovation project, to purchase equipment, etc.  Other Foundations target their funds for specific target population or audience to reach e.g. the grant could be to support children health, reach homeless,  support the elderly, etc.

While other Foundations  could focus on reaching  specific type of organization e.g. youth organization, women led organization,  etc.

While another category of Foundation, prefers to fund only organization that are located in a  specific geographical area e.g. to fund nonprofits based in Houston, Texas.

What you should know is that Foundations have specific priorities and interests that determine the type of programs they support. Being aware of this helps you as an applicant organization to determine the right funders to reach out for program support or assistance.

What grants are available in Texas?

Below are a  few of the foundations awarding grants to nonprofits in Texas.

1. Austin Community  Foundation Grant for Nonprofits in Texas:

Austin Community Foundation offers all year round community grants programs for local nonprofits working in 8 impact areas; animals, arts & culture, community engagement, education, environment and public spaces, human services/ basic needs, health & wellness, and recreation.

They also have 3 grant programs; Hispanic Impact fund, Women’s fund and FundATX.

To qualify for their grant award, you must be 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

2. Beaumont Foundation Grants for Nonprofits in Texas:

Beaumont Foundation is committed to improving the health of the communities in Texas. They advance policies that improve community health, build partnerships and create practical solutions that strengthen the public health system and workforce. Its mission is to advance policy, build partnerships and strengthen public health to create communities where people  can achieve their best possible health.

Its  thematic area is centered on initiatives that will build a healthier communities.

3.Dallas Foundation Grants for Nonprofits based in Texas:

Dallas Foundation offers 2 funding cycle annually. Its  Community Impact Fund focuses on nurturing early childhood programs and also programs that address advancing racial equity and inclusion. While its Interest Funds focus on range of programs such as, arts, critical needs, low-income clients and animal welfare.

Its mission is to bring together people, ideas and investments in Greater Dallas so individuals and families can reach their full potential.

4.The George Foundation Grants for Nonprofits based in Texas:

The George Foundation provides grants to local nonprofits and scholarship opportunities for local students in Fort Bend county, Texas. The Foundation aims to enhance the community and quality of life of those in need.

The George Foundation offers two programs; The Excellence for Nonprofit Leadership Program is designed to equip board members and staff of local nonprofits with knowledge, skill set and network necessary to take their organization to the next level. The second program is called The Youth in Philanthropy Program (YIP) which targets and train 200 high school students on Philanthropy.

Its mission is to partner with the community to leverage the foundation’s resources to positively impact Fort Bend County and its residents.

5. Cullen Foundation Grants:

Cullen Foundation Grants provides charitable support to 501(c)3 organizations that impact the Greater Houston Area. Its mission is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all people in Houston through sustained investment in high-performing education, healthcare, public services and arts organizations.

Its priority areas are cultural arts, education, healthcare and public service programs.

How do I find grants in Texas?

Grants announced are published on donors websites and other grant database platforms.

We have simplified the process for you, what you need is a complete  potential donor list. The list contains details of all the donors that provides grant awards nonprofits in Texas state.

We understand how stressful and time consuming it could be for you as a nonprofit. The donor list for nonprofits in Texas contain about 100+ grant making organizations that are giving out hundreds of dollars to million dollars.  You will also get to know top donors in Texas that are funding in millions and the need for your nonprofit to get to know the big boys in the state of Texas when it comes to awarding grants.


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