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Grants Available for Nonprofit Organizations in Wisconsin

Grants Available for Nonprofits organizations in Wisconsin

Do you need the list of Grants Available for Nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin? In this article the various grants for Nonprofit organization situated in Wisconsin are  listed below to enable you begin your fundraising activities.

Grants can be a great source of support for both new , small and large nonprofits. Considering the fact that they are free money and inexpensive. These grants could serve as  start-up grants, environmental grants, program grants, capacity building grants, capital grants or endowment.

The following are the list of Grants Available for Nonprofit organizations  in Wisconsin;

1. Cedarburg Foundation Grants for Nonprofits in Wisconsin:

The Greater Cedarburg Foundation (GCF) is a permanent philanthropic organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage private funding in support of projects and programs that enhance the quality of life in the greater Cedarburg community. The Greater Cedarburg Foundation is a nonprofit corporation under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible.  We  support projects and programs that help make the greater Cedarburg area unique. The Foundation considers all types of projects, with an emphasis on those that creatively focus on:

▪ Preserving and enriching our cultural heritage.
▪ Enhancing our artistic and aesthetic experiences.
▪ Providing educational, recreational and community service opportunities for all ages.

To learn more about Cedarburg Foundation grants.

2. Community Foundation of Chippewa County  Grants:

The Community Foundation of Chippewa County creates, builds, and manages endowment funds that benefit the people of Chippewa County.

  • Each year, Community Needs Grants are awarded to charitable organizations serving Chippewa County. Grant funding supports: arts and culture, community development, education, environment and animal welfare, and health and human services. Last year, the Community Foundation of Chippewa County awarded grants ranging from $500 to $6,500 to a variety of charitable organizations. Originate in Chippewa County and demonstrate strong volunteer involvement
  • Promote collaboration and reduce service duplication
  • Help people help themselves
  • Build upon the strengths of communities
  • Make a tangible difference in meeting an important community need
  • Demonstrate a high level of sustainability

3. Faye McBeath Foundation Grants :

The Faye McBeath Foundation is a private, independent foundation providing grants to tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations in the metropolitan Milwaukee area. The Faye McBeath Foundation was established in 1964, shortly before the death of Faye McBeath in 1967 and we have been providing organizations with support for over 40 years. The Foundation has established the following areas of interest: Children, Aging & Elderly, Health, Health Education, Civic & Governmental Affairs. These areas were established by Faye McBeath and do not change.

4. Greater Milwaukee Foundation Grants:

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is created by the community and for the community. Within the Foundation are more than 1,300 charitable funds, each created to serve the individual charitable needs specified by their donors. They are united by one common goal: making communities – especially those in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties – better places to live.

We’ve helped donors create nature preserves, start scholarships, expand schools, protect domestic violence victims, provide food and shelter for the hungry and homeless, establish nationally renowned scientific research programs, and much more.

5. Harley-Davidson Foundation Grants:

The Harley-Davidson Foundation is a non-stock, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our current efforts are focused on driving meaningful change in our home neighborhood, the Near West Side of Milwaukee, and empowering our employees to be champions of impact in their local communities.

6. Helen Bader Foundation Grants:

Bader Philanthropies, Inc. invests in people and their communities, here in Milwaukee, across Wisconsin, and in places throughout the world. The Foundation continues the legacy of Helen Daniels Bader’s passion for people, while furthering Isabel and Alfred Bader’s shared interests. We fund projects on Alzheimer’s & healthy aging, Jewish Education, Legacy, Neighbourhood Engagement, Social Equality, Community Matters, Arts, Urban Education.

7. Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation Grants:

The mission of the Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation is to fund innovative organizations that work at the intersection of culture, development and environment. Projects should be community driven and inspire active participation during the project and into the future.

An ideal project will protect and restore the natural environment; celebrate and sustain distinctive local culture, and support a sustainable economy.

8. Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation  Grants:

The Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation will provide funds to initiate and sustain projects in the Greater Milwaukee community. The Foundation will focus on programs and projects that serve low-income and disadvantaged individuals, women, children and the elderly. The Foundation will support charitable organizations that address these concerns through arts and culture, community and social development, education and health.

9. La Crosse Community Foundation Grants:

La Crosse Community Foundation welcomes grant applications from charitable organizations (i.e. 501(c)3 nonprofits, educational, and government organizations) serving La Crosse County residents. Grantseekers not attached to a qualified charitable organization may be able to use a fiscal sponsor*. Grants cannot be paid to individuals.

10. Reiman Foundation Grants:

Here at the Reiman Foundation, some of our primary interests lie in supporting four types of endeavors — education, health care, the arts and children’s initiatives. Yet, these focus areas are continuously refined as conditions and opportunities change. If your appeal falls within one or more of these areas we will be glad to consider it, and ask that you understand there will never be enough funds to fill everyone’s needs, no matter how worthy.

Finally, the above listed  available grants for nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin are just a few, to get a comprehensive list of all the Foundations that are awarding grants in Wisconsin, you can check out the list here.

Grants for Nonprofit Organizations in Winconsin

Kindly share this article to persons you know that need funding for their nonprofits. We hope this article was helpful.

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