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Grants for churches could serve as one of the sources of funding for churches.  Winning these grants could help churches achieve their goals.

Before you commence seeking for grants or reaching out to grantmaking foundations, take your time to incorporate your church as a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Doing this will put you ahead of others by qualifying you for grant award. Most grant making organizations always request for a 501(c)3 exempt status before they could fund you.

What Church-Based Grants could do?

Church based grants provide funding for Christian projects.

Church-based grants could help to address specific projects that will further the church’s mission.

Some of the projects could include;

  • Purchase of Vehicle
  • Church building and repairs
  • Transportation allowance
  • Publishing and distributing bibles and other Christian literature.
  • Broadcasting Christian TV and Radio programs
  • Stipends to Priests
  • Scholarships for Priests in training
  • Others

The following are the list of grants for churches;

  1. Mustard Seed Foundation

The Foundation provides grants to churches and Christian organizations worldwide that are engaged in ministry including outreach, discipleship, and economic empowerment. The Foundation also awards scholarships to Christians pursuing advanced educational degrees in preparation for leadership roles in both the Church and society.

2. Robertson Foundation

The Robertson Foundation currently targets high impact grants in four principal areas within the United States: 1) education 2) environment 3) medical research and 4) religion & spirituality. As opportunities emerge, the foundation has provided grants in other areas of interest.

3. Roger Clemens Foundation

Roger Clemens Foundation Supports educational, charitable, literary, scientific, and religious activities for children.

4. Stewardship Foundation – National; International; Pierce County, WA; Puget…

Grants are made to Christ–centered organizations that bring people into a relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Grants are made to organizations and projects which address the following themes: Leadership, Reconciliation and Justice, Relational Evangelism and Discipleship, Children at Risk.

5. The Chatanooga Christian Community Foundation

The Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation makes grants only to non–profit, tax–exempt Christian ministries and to institutions which are tax–exempt and agree to act as a receiving agent and fund manager. The agent, as well as the applicant, will be accountable to the Foundation for the proper expenditure of the funds.

6. The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation

The Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation was created in 1968 to provide grants in support of religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, or for the prevention of cruelty to children. By policy, the Foundation limits its grants to non–profit organizations in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma, the home of Grace and Franklin Bernsen for more than six decades.

7. Abell-Hanger Foundation – Texas

The organization seeking a grant should be located in the State of Texas. National organizations with significant operations in or providing material benefits to the citizens of the State of Texas will be considered based on the degree of operations/benefits within the State of Texas. Areas of giving: Arts, Cultural, Humanities, Education, Health, Human Services, Public/Society Benefit, Religion.

8. Ambrose Monell Foundation

The Foundation mission is to Voluntarily aid and contribute to religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational uses and purposes, in New York, elsewhere in the United States and throughout the world.

9.American Family Foundation

The American Family Foundation was established in March, 1994 as a nonprofit organization, exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and literary purposes, including making distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt within the meaning of Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

10.Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

The Foundations’ principal commitment in the field of religion is to graduate theological education. We believe that theological education makes an important contribution to our nation’s moral integrity and future. Grants are made to U.S. institutions that are fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools. All denominations are eligible.

11. Asbury-Warren Foundation – Appalachia Region

The Asbury–Warren Foundation primarily funds educational and religious organizations in Appalachia. The average grant size ranges from $5,000 to $15,000.

12. Baptist Community Ministries

Baptist Community Ministries (BCM) is a private, grantmaking foundation committed to a healthier Greater New Orleans area. As the largest private foundation in Louisiana, BCM funds grants in four major areas of interest: education; health; public safety; and governmental oversight.

13. Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation

The Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation primarily funds local, not–for–profit organizations endeavoring to advance education, medicine and religion, to improve the health and welfare of the sick, aged, incapacitated, and to aid those in need. Specific area of funding interest include Education, Medical, Religion, Health and Welfare, Aid to Those In Need (includes food banks).

14. Cora Foundation – National

The Cora Foundation mission is to support Christian based ministries that serve the spiritual, educational, and physical needs of people helping them come to know the love of Christ and live a dedicated Christian life. The foundation accepts unsolicited grant requests. Both new and existing programs meeting the mission, vision and current program areas of the foundation will be considered for grant awards.

15. Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation

The Bonner Foundation only accepts grant proposals for the Crisis Ministry Program. At this point in time, the Foundation is not inviting new proposals for funding.

16. Crowell Trust – Colorado

The Crowell Trust was established in 1927 by Henry Parsons Crowell (founder of The Quaker Oats Company), and is dedicated to the teaching and active extension of the doctrines of Evangelical Christianity through approved grants to qualified organizations. The Trustees of The Crowell Trust continue to follow the directives for grantmaking which Henry Parsons Crowell established in his original indenture.

17. Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation – National Focus

In December, 1994, Dale and Edna Walsh set up an Illinois based 501(c)(3) private charitable contribution foundation named the Dale and Edna Walsh Foundation. We refer to ourselves as DEW Foundation or simply DEW. The first step in the application process is to submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) via the Foundation’s Web site or by mail. The Foundation contributes to medical, relief, welfare, education, community service, ministries and environmental pro…

18. Deaconess Community Foundation

The Deaconess Community Foundation provides resources that help organizations empower people to become self–sufficient. The Foundation�™s actions are guided by the spiritual traditions of the United Church of Christ.

19. DEW Foundation – Education, Arts, Religion, Environment – National Focus

The DEW Foundation supports a wide range of charitable activities from social services and ministries, to education and the arts. The Foundation contributes to medical, relief, welfare, education, community service, ministries and environmental programs, and arts organizations.

20. Dewan Foundation

The Dewan Foundation was established in January 2000 following the completion of the sale of STATS. Inc. , a sports information company founded by John and Susan Dewan in the 1980’s. The foundation provides financial support and assistance to organizations that provide direct services to people in poverty. Faith–based organizations are a focus of grant making. Self–help projects that transform lives are a special interest.

21. Eustace Foundation – Northeastern United States

The Eustace Foundation has historically provided most of its funding to religious or educational organizations affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Most of these organizations are located in the Northeastern U.S., and range in size from small, local charities to worldwide organizations.

22. Faith in Action

Faith in Action is an interfaith volunteer caregiving initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Local Faith in Action programs bring together volunteers from many faiths to work together to care for their neighbors who have long–term health needs.

23. Fieldstone Foundation

The Fieldstone Foundation was created by the Fieldstone Group of Companies (Fieldstone) in 1983 to provide grants, leadership development and service to nonprofit organizations working to support individuals in the communities where the companies within Fieldstone do business:

24. For Kids Only

For Kids Only seeks to fund programs with specific faith based components geared towards “at risk” children from newborn to twelve years that further their mission, have specific measurable spiritual and academic outcomes, and serve as a model in their local community.

25. Ford Foundation

Grants and PRIs are given in the Foundation’s fields of interest through a program division encompassing three broad areas: Asset Building and Community Development; Education, Media, Arts, and Culture; and Peace and Social Justice.

26. Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust

Funding interests: Small churches in small communities, typically funded through national or regional denominational bodies; and (2) organizations that provide services to very low–income adults, including homeless adults. With respect to churches: the geographic focus varies and is selected each year in consultation with denominational bodies; (2) with respect to other programs – New York City.

27. Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation – Massachusetts

The mission of The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, Inc. is to preserve and enhance the quality of life by embracing and perpetuating Frank Stanley Beveridge�™s philanthropic vision through grantmaking initiatives in support of The Stanley Park of Westfield, Inc. and programs in youth development, health, education, religion, art and environment primarily in Hampden and Hampshire Counties, Massachusetts.

28. Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation – Global Focus

The Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation advances its mission primarily through contributing to programs and, in one case, creating an organization that focus on (1) Children & Education, (2) Equal Opportunity, (3) Health & Wellness and (4) Religion & Human Rights.

29. Fund for Theological Education

The Fund for Theological Education is a national advocate for excellence and diversity in Christian ministry and theological scholarship. To help congregations identify and nurture the next generation of leaders for the church, the fund is offering competitive grants for grassroots programs that cultivate a sense of Christian vocation and the call to ministry among youth.

30. Glaser Family Charitable Foundation

The Glaser Family Charitable Foundation will make grants to various local and national public charities and organizations. Of special interest to the Foundation will be educational organizations, Christian ministries, and organizations that benefit children’s heath.

31. Hagen Family Foundation

The Hagen Family Foundation (THFF) is a private family foundation established in 1999 that provides financial grants to not–for–profit organizations. The Foundation favors creative and innovative proposals in the areas of: The Arts, Education, Environment, Religion, Social Services. The Foundation does not consider contributions to annual drives, capital campaigns, research, or the support of on–going programs.

32. Henry Luce Foundation

The Luce Foundation�™s Theology program encourages the development of leadership for religious communities through theological education, and fosters scholarship that links the academy to churches and the wider public. The program provides funding for seminary education, leadership, ecumenical and inter–religious programs, and religion and the arts.

33. Hope Christian Community Foundation – Tennessee & National Focus

The Hope Christian Community Foundation is the largest Christian Community Foundation in the United States and one of the fastest growing sources of funding for Christian ministries. Since inception in 1998, we have directed almost $150 million to churches, ministries, and charities from the heart of Memphis’ inner city to missionaries around the world.

33. John Templeton Foundation – National & International

The Sir John Templeton Foundation serves as a philanthropic catalyst for research and discoveries relating to what scientists and philosophers call the Big Questions. We support work at the world’s top universities in such fields as theoretical physics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, and social science relating to love, forgiveness, creativity, purpose, and the nature and origin of religious belief.

34.Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program

Lilly Endowment, an Indianapolis–based, private philanthropic foundation, seeks to strengthen Christian congregations by providing an opportunity for pastors to step away briefly from the persistent obligations of daily parish life and to engage in a period of renewal and reflection.

35. Maclellan Family Foundations – Tennessee & National Focus (Religion)

The Maclellan Family Foundations is a group of grant–makers connected by family history and by a common commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through strategic giving. The largest and oldest of these, the Maclellan Foundation, Inc., expresses its purpose as “serving national and international organizations committed to furthering the Kingdom of Christ and select local organizations, which foster the spiritual welfare.

36. Maclellan Foundation

In keeping with this commitment to the Great Commission, the purpose of the Maclellan Foundation is to serve strategic international and national organizations committed to furthering the Kingdom of Christ and select local organizations, which foster the spiritual welfare of the community, by providing financial and leadership resources to extend the Kingdom of God to every tribe, nation, people, and tongue.

37. Mike and Shara Sweeney Family Foundation – Youth, Religion

We care about youth. We believe in the youth of today. It is in our youth that we have the greatest opportunity to change the ills of our day. And from our own experience, it is the care and support we received during our growing up years that still carries us to this day.

38. Nathan Cummings Foundation – South Dakota & National

The Nathan Cummings Foundation is rooted in the Jewish tradition and committed to democratic values and social justice, including fairness, diversity, and community. We seek to build a socially and economically just society that values and protects the ecological balance for future generations; promotes humane health care; and fosters arts and culture that enriches communities. Areas of funding interest include Arts / Humanities, Economically Disadvantaged…

39. Raskob Foundation

The Raskob Foundation is an independent private Catholic Family Foundation that makes grants for projects and programs associated with the Catholic Church. The Raskob Foundation has as its purpose to engage in such exclusively religious, charitable, literary and educational activities as will aid the Roman Catholic Church and institutions and organizations identified with it.

40.The Trust for the Meditation Process

The Trust for the Meditation Process is a charitable foundation encouraging meditation and contemplative practice among Christians. We make grants to nonprofit organizations that reclaim and teach Christian contemplative traditions, that introduce meditation in the Christian community and that further our understanding of contemplative practice in all spiritual traditions.

41. Zimmer Family Foundation – Religion, Education – National & International F…

The Zimmer Family Foundation is a small foundation located in Sarasota, Florida for the purpose of supporting religious, educational and social programs…locally, nationally and internationally…that bring help and hope to the less fortunate, primarily by seeding short–term pilot projects that have the potential of self–support.



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