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Free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet is a tool used to monitor and manage grants. It can detail all aspects related to a grant – from application to implementation, tracking milestones, and financial management.

Managing grants is an integral task for any non-profit or government organization. In the complex world of grant management, a free grant tracking spreadsheet can become a lifesaver.

This guide will delve into the importance of grant tracking, the elements of a well-structured tracking spreadsheet, and practical examples of how to use one.

 What is a Grant Tracking Spreadsheet?

A grant tracking spreadsheet is a tool used to monitor and manage grants. It can detail all aspects related to a grant – from application to implementation, tracking milestones, and financial management.

Why Use a Free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet?

A free grant tracking spreadsheet offers multiple benefits:

1. Budget Management: It can help you monitor expenses and ensure that the grant money is used as proposed. This includes tracking of “Grant Expenditures,” “Budget Analysis,” and “Financial Reporting.”

2. Efficient Tracking: The spreadsheet provides real-time visibility into “Grant Status,” helping you stay abreast of deadlines and key deliverables.

3. Compliance: It ensures “Grant Compliance,” keeping all the necessary documentation and reports in one place to satisfy auditor requirements.

4. Performance Measurement: You can use it to measure the performance of the grant activities, tracking “Key Performance Indicators” and “Outcome Measurement.”

 Elements of a Free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

The structure and contents of a grant tracking spreadsheet can be customized to fit the specific needs of an organization. Here are the essential components:

  • Grant Details: This section includes the “Grant Title,” “Grant ID,” “Funding Source,” “Grant Period,” and “Grant Amount.”
  • Application Details: Details such as “Application Submission Date,” “Proposal Due Date,” and “Application Status” can be tracked.
  • Budget Details: This includes the “Budget Allocation,” “Actual Expenses,” and “Balance.”
  • Performance Metrics: This might include “Grant Objectives,” “KPIs,” “Targets,” and “Actuals.”
  • Documentation and Compliance: A column for “Supporting Documents” and a “Compliance Checklist.”

Practical Examples: Utilizing a Free Grant Tracking Spreadsheet

Example 1: Consider a non-profit organization called “Youth Empowerment Initiative” that just received a grant from a local foundation. They can input the following details in their spreadsheet:

  • Grant Details:
    – Grant Title: “Youth Leadership Development Program”
    – Funding Source: “Local Foundation”
    – Grant Period: “January 2023 – December 2023”
    – Grant Amount: “$50,000”


  • Application Details:

– -Application Submission Date: “November 2022”

– Proposal Due Date: “December 2022”
– Application Status: “Approved”

– Budget Details:
– Budget Allocation: “$30,000 for program costs, $20,000 for administrative costs”
– Actual Expenses: “To be updated as expenses occur”
– Balance: “To be calculated based on actual expenses”

This information allows the organization to have a quick overview of their grant status and budget management.

Example 2: A city council has been awarded a federal grant for community development. They can track performance metrics as follows:

– Performance Metrics:
– Grant Objectives: “To improve community infrastructure”
– KPIs: “Number of infrastructure projects completed”
– Targets: “10 infrastructure projects”
– Actuals: “To be updated as projects are completed”

This allows the council to measure the progress against the grant objectives.

Here are a few examples of free grant tracking spreadsheet templates available online:

Free grant tracking spreadsheets are typically designed as templates in software programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. These spreadsheets offer an organized structure to track various aspects of grants such as applications, budgets, compliance, and performance metrics.

1. Smartsheet’s Grant Tracking Template: Smartsheet offers a comprehensive, free grant tracking template that enables organizations to manage grant proposals, approvals, timelines, and expenses.

2. Vertex42’s Money Management Template: While not explicitly designed for grants, this free, robust tool can be adapted to track grant budgets, income, and expenses over time.

3. Google Sheets Grant Management Template: Google Sheets offers customizable templates that can be utilized for grant tracking. It’s cloud-based, which allows for real-time updates and collaborative work.

4. Templateroller’s Grant Budget Template: This template allows for detailed budget management, useful in tracking how grant funds are spent.

5. Microsoft Excel’s Project Budget Template: Microsoft provides a free project budget template, adaptable to grant management. It offers a detailed view of budget distribution and expenses tracking.

Remember, these are templates, and they may not perfectly fit your organization’s needs out of the box.

However, they can be customized to suit the specific requirements of your grant or project.

Please check the features of each template and see which one aligns with your grant management needs before making a decision.


A free grant tracking spreadsheet is a crucial tool for efficient and effective grant management. It offers a streamlined approach to track applications, monitor budgets, ensure compliance, and measure performance.

The use of this tool can increase the overall success rate of your grant applications and the subsequent management of those grants, making it a must-have in the grant management process.

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