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Grant Proposal Cover Page

Grant proposal cover page

Grant Proposal cover page is a stand-alone document that contains vital information about your proposed project. It is usually the first be sighted by the review committee and is important that you include it in all your applications. Most foundations and corporations provide you with a cover page templates or inclusion checklists. Grant Proposal Cover page provides a snapshot of your proposal and should be brief.


Grant Proposal Cover Page



What should be on a cover page for a proposal?

The following information can be contained on the cover page and they include;

  • Name of grant seeking organization and logo.
  • Mission of grant seeking organization
  • Nonprofit status
  • Name of funding organization.
  • Title of proposed project.
  • A single sentence describing your proposed project.
  • Project budget information, amount requested and budget period.
  • Contact person details; name, address, phone number ,email address and website.
  • Date of submission


                                                    Sample Cover Page

Name of Applicant Organization:                        Next Foundation

Funding Agency:                                                 ABC Foundation

Project Name:                                                      Youth Empowerment Project

Description of Proposed Project: Youth Empowerment Project aims to train 500 vulnerable youth on entrepreneurship and life skills education that will them acquire the needed skills to live productive and achieve financial independence.

Budget Information:                     Total Program Budget: $50,000

Budget Period: Jan 1st, 2022 –Dec 31st, 2022

Amount Requested from ABC=$40,000

Next Foundation Mission: To build capacities of youth to enable them maximize

their potentials.

Nonprofit Status:                 501(c)3

Contact Person:                   David Smith

Address:                               No. 27 Jubilee Road, SC 24240

Phone Number:                  (555/) 685-5555

Email Address:                   davidsmith@nextfoundation.org

Job Position:                       Executive Director


Grant Proposal Cover page details could also be represented in a shortened format containing the following information;

  • Name of Applicant Organization and logo
  • Project title
  • Project Location
  • Budget
  • Contact Information (name, address, country, phone number, email address and website).
  • Date of submission

Samples of different grant proposal cover page represented below;


                      Next Impact Foundation

                                          Project Title:

Women Empowerment through Skills Training towards Economic Support and Self-Reliance

                                           Project Location:

Jubilee District, Spartanburg, South Carolina

                              Project Budget

Amount ($)
Total Project cost 50,000
NIF contribution 10,000
Requested Amount 40,000





Contact Person:

David Smith

Executive Director

(555) 556-5678



Date:   Jan 26th, 2022


In conclusion, grant proposal cover page should be brief and should be included in all grant proposals. Most times, corporations and foundations provide you with their templates, kindly use theirs.

To learn more about how to write a successful grant proposal, check out this article here.

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