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Notice of Funding Opportunity: The Year of Nutrition and Food Security

Notice of Funding Opportunity: The Year of Nutrition and Food Security: The U.S Mission to the African Union  Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for nutrition and food security-themed programs. This open competition is a great opportunity for non-governmental  organizations  and individuals to submit proposals and receive funding for programs in line with the African Union’s Year of Nutrition: “Strengthening resilience in Nutrition and Food Security on the African continent: Strengthening agro-food systems, health and social protection systems for the acceleration of human, social and economic capital development.”

The African Union’s priorities areas for “The Year of Nutrition” include:

  • Data management and information systems (nutrition monitoring platforms)
  • Knowledge generation and dissemination (south-south learning via shared food security research)
  • Advocacy for increased commitment and nutrition investment
  • Partnerships and mutual accountability platforms for harmonized action and transparency
  • Institutional capacity enhancement

Proposals that directly address these priority areas in conjunction with a U.S.-related component will be the most competitive in the selection process.  U.S.-related components can include, but are not restricted to, a staff or individual connection to the United States, a partnership with a U.S. institution, or the use of American products/services.

Priority region: Sub-Saharan and North Africa

Notice of Funding Opportunity: The Year of Nutrition and Food Security: Program Objectives

All proposals must include linkages to the African Union’s “Year of Nutrition” theme.

All proposals must include citizens of multiple African Union Member States and have a regional impact.

The objectives of the program will include:

  • Demonstrate to the African public the importance of the African Union’s “Year of Nutrition” and/or food security
  • Communicate a shared commitment by participants to the vision of the African Union: “An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena”
  • Implement activities that address at least one of the African Union’s priority areas listed above
  • Expand and improve the relationship between the United States and the African Union

Notice of Funding Opportunity: The Year of Nutrition and Food Security: Proposal  Requirement: 

(7 pages maximum) The proposal should contain sufficient information such that non-specialists can understand exactly what the applicant intends to do. You may use your own proposal format, but it must include all the items below.

  • Proposal Summary: Short narrative that outlines the proposed program, including program objectives and anticipated impact.
  • Introduction to the organization applying: A description of past and present projects, showing ability to carry out the project, including information on all previous grants from the U.S. Embassy and/or U.S. Government agencies.
  • Description of activities: Describe the types of activities that will be implemented and how it will address the program objectives.
  • Key Personnel:  Names, titles, roles, and experience/qualifications of key personnel involved in the program.
  • Program Partners: List the names and type of involvement of key partner organizations.
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation Plan:  This is an important part of successful grants. Throughout the timeframe of the grant, how will the activities be monitored to ensure they are happening in a timely manner, and how will the program be evaluated to make sure it is meeting the goals of the grant?

Budget Justification Narrative

After filling out the SF-424A Budget (above), use a separate sheet of paper to describe each of the budget expenses in detail.  See section H. Other Information: Guidelines for Budget Submissions below for further information.

Attachments (suggested examples)

  • Letters of support from program partners describing the roles and responsibilities of each partner
  • Examples of previous activities that have addressed nutrition needs or food security in African Union Member States

Submission Dates and Times

Applications are due no later than May 25, 2022.

All application materials must be submitted by email to

To learn more about this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO), visit:

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