The Waterloo Community Foundation Grants 2022
Grant Opening

The Waterloo Community Foundation Grants 2022


Apply for the Waterloo Community Foundation Grants 2022. The Waterloo Community Foundation (WCF) invites grant proposals from registered Nonprofit organizations that meet certain criteria for initiatives or activities that will help Waterloo and, in some cases, the area around it. Grant applications must explain how money can help our community in one of four ways:

  • health and human services
  • arts and culture
  • education
  • economic development

We anticipate giving out seven $5,000 awards for a total of $35,000 in grants. Partnerships are encouraged but not necessary to have matching money. By Thursday, October 6 at 11:59 p.m., the application and necessary papers must be submitted. The week of November 28 will mark the announcement of grant decisions to all applicants. Between January 1 and December 31, 2023, grants must be used.

Eligibility to Apply
1. 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations and/or qualified to receive tax-deductible gifts under Section 170(c)(2)(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you are not a 501 (c)(3) or a component unit of
government, you must align yourself with a fiscal sponsor.
2. Component units of government organizations (schools, fire departments, libraries, parks, etc.).
3. Organizations with a charitable intent that meets the mission statement of the Foundation.

Deadline: October 6th, 2022

To apply for the Waterloo Community Foundation Grants 2022

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